These Are The Days Of Our Lives

After we are born, this miracle of life is celebrated ever day and month for the first year. Throughout the childhood the birthdays continue to be incredibly important to us, lots of fun with presents, and somewhat annoying old relatives who pinch our cheeks and exclaim how fast we grow. The next one seems to be just around the corner, and always worth waiting for.

Over time the importance of the event fades, and the birthdays become more of a reminder that the fun days are perhaps behind us. We’d like to think that we are still young, but the mirror tells otherwise.

Then at some point in our lives the meaning of birthday suddenly changes, and it will be important again, but not because of you but because of others. It becomes a gathering of our old friends who are still with us, our children, and our grandchildren. Just like in childhood we look forward for the day, and prepare for it long ahead - rent a big room, cook, bake a cake, and perhaps even hire a band.

The biggest gift of all will be that they will come, and have a blast. It will now be us pinching those cheeks, appraise the growth of the children, and ask if they would like to have another piece of the cake. We will be tired as a dog by the end of the day, but as soon as it is over we will start planning for the one next year. Birthdays are the best days ever!